Research report – Double Injustice

‘Double Injustice, Double Trauma: The effects of acquittal of offenders upon the families of victims of homicide’

JAA commissioned research into the experiences of the families of murder victims in cases where there was an unjust acquittal of the perpetrator, following a murder trial. The report, written by Dr Darren Thiel, Senior Lecturer at the University of Essex, is based on 15 in-depth interviews of members of JAA families by MA student, James Bocking, and was carried out in 2012.

The report ends with recommendations for practical actions that can be implemented (particularly National Minimum Standards of support for families from the Criminal Justice System) and also for more long-term recommendations that will involve changes to legal processes.

As far as JAA knows this is the only piece of research that has been carried out in the UK into the experiences of families where there has been an unjust acquittal following a murder trial.

To read the report please click on DOUBLE INJUSTICE, DOUBLE TRAUMA

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