How JAA works

  • JAA is managed by a Steering Group which consists of MPs, legal professionals and other interested people. The group meets twice a year to review JAA’s progress and advise on future actions. It is comprised of the following:
    Carole Longe, Joint Chair
    Ann Roberts, Joint Chair
    Bryan Roberts, Treasurer
    Ann Oakes-Odger MBE
    Edward Argar MP
    David Heyes
    Debbie Abrahams MP
    Professor Jeremy Horder
    Professor Paul Rock
    Annmarie Cowley, Metropolitan Police
    Hazel Rowe, CPS
    Dr Darren Thiel
  • JAA liaises with the Police and Crown Prosecution Service to achieve its aims.
  • JAA works with other victims’  organisations to achieve changes in the Criminal Justice System.
  • JAA organises meetings of families so that they can contribute to future decisions.

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